France, livestock country

At the forefront in Europe and worldwide

Agriculture – along with agrifood industry – is the leading sector of the French economy. The diversity and productivity of its breeds allow maintaining family performing farms all over the country, even in difficult areas. European leader in the sector, France is also among the world largest producers of milk and meat thanks to the dynamism of its livestock and industries.

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Remarkable biodiversity

France is home to over 70 cattle, sheep and goat breeds, under selection or conservation programmes. This genetic diversity reflects the diversity of French regions. It encopasses both internationally significant breeds with high yield levels and breeds well adapted to difficult feeding and climate conditions.

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France as precursor

Pioneered back in 1969 and generalized from 1978 onwards, the national animal identification system, evolving into the national traceability system, has progressively integrated every technological innovation that has broken through. As for official symbols of product quality and origin, this experience has greatly inspired European regulations.

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International-reach trade shows

All throughout the year, the major trade fairs propose a comprehensive offer for farmers and businesses involved in bovine, ovine and caprine sectors. Witnessing the performance of French livestock, they are an excellent opportunity for discovery, and business meetings. With more than 1 million visitors, 8,600 exhibitors and 4,000 exhibitors, they prove to be essential waypoints in business development.

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Key figures

  • 1st agricultural producer
  • 1st national cattle herd
  • 1st producer of beef
  • 2nd exporter of weanlings
  • 4th exporter of dairy products (in value traded)
  • 7th producer of milk
  • 7th producer of beef meat


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