61st International Congress of Meat Science & Technology

61st International Congress of Meat Science & Technology

 Meat scientists and technicians from more than 40 countries

France is organizing the 61st International Congress of Meat Science and Technology (ICoMST) in August 2015. This congress takes place in a different country every year, alternating between the 5 continents. It brings together 400 to 600 meat scientists and technicians from more than 40 countries. It is a forum where one can share knowledge and discuss scientific and technical advances in the meat sector. Organized in half-day sessions, the Congress addresses a whole range of issues linked to meat consumption, production, technology, and marketing.

Each thematic session is organized around a keynote lecture by an internationally renowned expert invited by the organizers. The host country, through the structure of the scientific program and the emphasis of the technical visits, can highlight their specific vision of the sector and in particular the scientific and technical focus of the local industry. It is also an opportunity for attendees to discover the meat sector of the host country with one-day technical tours of production systems and industries. Scenic and historic visits are also often coupled with the technical visits to discover the cultural heritage of the region.

 “Think meat, Think healthy!”

In 2015, the 61st ICoMST Congress will be held in France for the first time in 23 years. The organizers have given a specific theme to this edition of ICoMST by selecting the topic of meat and health as a main thread. The motto of the Congress is “Think meat, Think healthy!”

The outline of the scientific program will address the position of meat in the world food supply, the determinism of consumer choices, production systems in relation to the environment, product qualities (safety, sensory and nutritional aspects) and the technologies to guarantee them.

The program includes :

  • Session 1: Meat and world global food security in 2050
  • Session 2 : Productivity of livestock systems in developing countries
  • Session 3: Animal welfare
  • Session 4 : Biotechnology to manage meat quality
  • Session 5 : animal production and meat quality
  • Session 6: Muscle biology and meat quality
  • Session 7: Processing and meat and meat product quality
  • Session 8: Microbiota : risk and benefit
  • Session 9: Processing and meat chemical safety
  • Session 10: Meat, nutrition and health
  • Session 11: Consumers attitude and meat consumption

INRA is responsible for the organization of ICoMST 2015 with the support of partners in the meat industry and local authorities. With the previous success of the 38th ICoMST organized in 1992 combined with the strong appeal of France as a travel destination, the 2015 edition is expected to attract more than 500 attendees. The event will take place in Clermont-Ferrand from August 23rd to 28th at the Exhibition & Congress Centre “Polydôme”.

At the heart of Auvergne, a region predominantly agricultural with a growing tourism industry, the conference will be an opportunity to raise awareness of the natural, cultural and gastronomic aspect of the region. Clermont Ferrand is midway between Paris and the French Riviera (1h flight)