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A brand new portal to access official genetic indexes of beef and dairy bulls

Interface de consultation des index officiels
Interface de consultation des index officiels - Crédit : Institut de l'Elevage

Since early November, the French Livestock Institute (Institut de l’Elevage) proposes HERE a new search engine for the French official genetic indexes, calculated under the responsibility of INRA. Search is possible in 4 languages (French, English, Spanish and German).

This user-friendly interface allows for an easy browsing of evaluation results in both beef and dairy breeds. A downloadable illustrated user guide describes all features of the interface. HERE

Search is possible either by name, national or even international identification number of the bull, or by selecting other criteria such as breed, Breeding Company, or year of birth, ...

All evaluated breeds are available. Some non-evaluated breeds such as Hereford, Belgian Blue and Brahman breeds are also available. New additional data can be accessed, for instance: genotyping tests, kinship coefficients for dairy breeds bulls and genetic connection of beef breeds bulls.

This application will regularly incorporate developments in the calculation and presentation of genetic indexes. Keep connected: soon more services and updates available