Objectives and organization
Allice (National Union of Cooperatives for Animal Insemination ex-UNCEIA)

 A wide range of skills for animal insemination support

Allice (ex-Unceia, National Union of Cooperatives for Animal Insemination) federates insemination studs for cattle, sheep, goat and pig species. Cattle and goat AI centers are agricultural cooperatives (managed by breeders). They gathered in different unions to run selection programs.

Allice represents and defends the interests of AI industry at national, European and international levels. Allice coordinates actions of its members in order to define common positions in selection strategy for dairy and beef breeds

Working in partnership with members and public research, Allice develops research programs in the areas of semen production, reproduction management and genetics.

Allice represents the AI industry for cattle, sheep and goat insemination within France Génétique Elevage. Professional leaders and experts are highly committed to the elaboration and implementation of rules which will have to be enforced for those working within the French Genetic System

 Animal insemination: a guaranty of quality livestock

Animal insemination service proposed by French AI studs offers to all interested breeders an effective reproduction service that includes strict sanitary controls of collected semen, its storage as frozen straws, its distribution and use. All along these steps, traceability of the genetic material is guaranteed.

Insemination is not only a sanitary safety measure, but also a tool for genetic improvement, thanks to male progeny testing to select the best ones.

Thanks to animal insemination, farmers breed healthy animals, knowing their potential in terms of milk and meat production, milk and meat aptitudes, morphological and functional qualities, feed efficiency or reproductive capacity. Farmers have at their disposal an irreplaceable tool to help them to reach their production and economic goals.

Running selection programs requires close partnership with: local establishments for livestock that are in charge of animal identification and pedigree certification, performance recording organizations, regional centers for database management, selection organizations for the definition of breed objectives, the INRA (National Institute for Applied Research) and the Institut de l’Elevage (Livestock Institute) for the computation and publication of breeding values.

All these organizations collaborate as part of the French Genetic System, which is supervised by France Génétique Elevage.



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