Quality Management System
FGE’s Quality Policy Statement

Our collective Quality Management System provides the means to continuously steer and improve France’s genetic programme (Dispositif Génétique Français) and guarantees a continuing high level of reliability and recognition in France, in Europe and internationally.

Reaffirm our VALUES...

  • guarantee the successful management of animal genetics by and for
    the breeders
  • strive for consensus in interprofessional decision-making
  • pool resources between regions, breeds and species, and between
    professions and companies
  • respect the entrepreneurial freedom of companies within the programme
    while honouring the breeders’ interests and the sustainability of FGE.

…and to establish our OBJECTIVES

  • guarantee at all times the quality of data and results as well as the reliability
    of products originating from the collective programme
  • integrate technological developments into the professional frames of reference
    in conjunction with research
  • maintain and promote our organisation’s reputation for quality
  • improve the quality of services to breeders and increase client satisfaction

These objectives are deployed in the processes, monitored by indicators,
and followed up during the process reviews and the management review.



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