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First official Interbeef result release for Charolais and Limousine breeds

Crédit : Interbeef

Interbeef genetic evaluation is performed by a multi-trait genetic evaluation on pedigree and raw AWW performances sent by the 9 participating countries: Germany, Denmark, France, Finland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom (for Limousine evaluation only).

Thanks to multi-trait method used, Interbeef takes into account the production environment difference between countries and provides estimated genetic values specifics to each country: breeding animal ranking is therefore different between countries.

For the French scale, Interbeef EBVs were standardized following the method used for French national publication, i.e. in comparison with French reference base (all animals born during the last 5 birth campaigns with all own calving and weaning performances used in genetic evaluation). Standardized EBV’s will be thus expressed as a deviation from the reference base EBV mean (fixed to 100) and with 10 points corresponding to 1 genetic standard deviation.

In terms of publication, a bull is publishable on a country scale if it is publishable at the national level for the same trait and/or if it has more than 25 progenies taken into account in Interbeef genetic evaluation and if its Interbeef reliability is higher than 0.5.

Each country is responsible of Interbeef results publication and expression on its scale.

Bulls with Interbeef EBVs and no French national EBV can be downloaded: LIMOUSIN (XLS) andCHAROLAIS (XLS).

For the AI bulls, their official French EBV for AWW trait (IBOVAL CRsev) is available on the French Livestock Institute website