Objectives and organization
France Bovins Croissance (FBC)

 Performance recording for the benefit of all the industry

Recording performances in a beef herd involves weighing each animal periodically from birth to weaning, and scoring its muscle and skeletal development at weaning according to a specific protocol. This data is the basis for official documents that are useful to both the farmer and the industry.

Accurate and independent data recording for genetic improvement and breeding value calculating

The data collected are used by the technical and scientific institutes to calculate the breeding value of the beef reproducers. Bovins Croissance is the essential link for the creation and diffusion of genetic improvement among the different beef breeds.

 Support and advice for every member

Based on performance recorded and other technical and economical complementary data, technicians and engineers of Bovins Croissance provide a consultancy service to each member, helping in the management of his/her herd, beef cow, dairy heifers or finishing animals.

Always attentive to each farmer’s expectations, the Bovins Croissance advisor knows the farms in his/her sector personally and combines competences and methods with on-farm observations to assist, alone or within a team, the farmer towards technical and economical progress.

 A wide range of services adapted to farmer’s requirements

 Every local performance recording organisation has a diversified range of individual or group services at its disposal to respond to each farmer’s expectations. Some examples of proposed services are: selection, herd management (in particular nutrition), reproduction, animal contention, heifer breeding…

 Technical and economical advices

Starting from an analysis of a farm’s beef production and the costs (especially feeding and fertilisation), the objective is to identify the strengths, evaluate margins for progress, help the farmer to define corrective actions with a view to optimising the products and diminishing production costs.

 Expertise for the industry

By providing and exchanging information, Bovins Croissance contributes to the quality and traceability procedures managed by the beef industry.



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