Objectives and organization
France Conseil Elevage (FCE)

 Performance recording for the benefit of the sectors and genetic progress

Recording milk performances in a dairy or goat herd involves carrying out for each animal quantitative measurement (protein and fat matter, cell count, clinical mastitis…) according to a specific protocol in conformance with ICAR recommendations. This data is the basis for official documents that are useful to both the farmer and the sector.

Data collection from the performance testing is now increasingly supplemented by the collection of data collected by the farmer and its own sensors (robots, etc.). The data collected is used to calculate the breeding value of the male reproducers and females.

This accurate and independent database, based on the QMS defined by the sector, contributes to genetic improvement and breeding value computation.

 Support and advice for every member

Based on performance recorded and other technical and economical complementary data, Conseil Elevage councillors and engeneers provide a consultancy service to each member, helping in the management of each dairy herd, regarding the breeders’ aims.

Always attentive to each farmer’s expectations, the Conseil Elevage advisor knows the farms in his/her sector personally and combines competences and methods with on farm observations to assist, alone or within a team, the farmer towards technical and economical progress.

 A wide range of services adapted to farmer’s requirements

Every local Conseil Elevage organisation has a diversified range of services at its disposal to respond to each farmer’s expectations, according to the specifics of his/her farm. The intervention sectors are numerous: milk quality, nutrition, forages and pasture management, reproduction, heifer breeding, farm building…

To respond to changing demand, the local Conseil Elevage organisations integrate new fields of competence, in partnership with other agricultural organisms, fields such as agronomy, advice in the area of conditionality, control energy consumption, project support to the farmer…

 Diversified actions

The consultancy service provided by local Conseil Elevage organisations is based on the combined skills of consultants and specialists. The farmer have a sound global understanding of farming as well as personal local knowledge, and the latter provide resources and expertise in their particular area.

The Conseil Elevage consultants use software tools enabling them to establish reports (production, reproduction, mastitis...), forecasts (production...) and simulations.

Members have access to all their own data and to training software through the internet. Individual or group council, supplemented if necessary by remote interventions based on needs of the farmer, are taught.



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