Objectives and organization
Le Comité National Brebis Laitières (CNBL)


A unique organisation.

Formalized as an association in 1991, the CNBL (National Committee for Dairy Sheep) brings together delegate of the genetic, technical organisations of the 3 areas of French dairy sheep production. Engineers and scientists from Inra and the Institut de l’Elevage (the French livestock Institute) are also invited to the CNBL.

From the beginnings of breeding schemes, people working in the selection of dairy sheep breeds implemented an overall service adapted to the specifics of this production: mountain areas, seasonality, large flocks, rapid milking units, specific recording tools, use of fresh semen for animal insemination.

From the start, performance recording, pedigree recording, animal insemination and technical advisory have been coordinated. This type of organisation has been a key element to the success at international level of the French breeding schemes and to maintaining local breeds within a framework of territory/ breed/ quality cheese.

37 technical and genetic actors associated

The dairy ewes national committee (Comité National Brebis Laitieres, CNBL) federates the 37 technical and genetic organisations present in the industry. CNBL is a member of France Génétique Elevage (FGE), and within the sheep commission of FGE, CNBL is the place for dialogue and exchange for genetic improvement of dairy sheep breeds.

A research and development interface

CNBL is also the interface between research and development
in dairy sheep and is organised in 5 technical groups: genetic improvement, reproduction (in partnership with ANIO – National Association for Ovine Insemination), feeding nutrition, technical support/ references, mechanical milking and computer related/automatic farm equipment.

Serving the dairy sheep industry

The national technical and genetic body for dialogue and exchange By federating all the technical organisations working on dairy sheep, CNBL is the technical and genetic national body for dialogue and exchange.

The objectives of CNBL regarding genetic improvement, and for all other technical points shared by its members, are to:

  • organise discussion and technology transfer;
  • submit technical direction;
  • gather knowledge and necessary resources for the development of technical tools ,
  • represent the dairying sheep industry on all relevant technical points.

Its role of interface between research and development is facilitated by the active part played both by the INRA and the Institut de l’Elevage (Livestock Institute). The Institut de l’Elevage is also in charge of technical administration and promotion



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