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Martin Burke appointed as ICAR Chief Executive


The International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) was founded in 1951. This global organization, federating 80 members from 48 member countries across 5 continents, has a mission to standardize the technologies and methodologies used for identification, traceability, performance data recording and genetic evaluations for domesticated livestock (cattle, sheep, goat and buffalo).

A new ICAR Chief Executive

The ICAR Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Martin Burke as ICAR and Service ICAR Chief Executive. Service ICAR is the wholly owned subsidiary of ICAR responsible for the delivery of service, testing and certification programs for ICAR.

Martin brings extensive senior management experience in both the private and public sectors. His key technical experience includes animal recording processes and Quality Certification. During his career, Martin has been a Quality Manager with Philips and Motorola, a Breeding Information Manager with the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation and for the past year he has been the Director/Owner of Lean Consultancy QPlus. In addition, Martin has been the Chair of the ICAR Recording Devices Subcommittee from 2010 to the present.

“I know that with the Board’s guidance we will be able to bring tangible and sustained improvements in ICAR processes and raise ICAR’s profile during the next 5 years. I am looking forward to this exciting new challenge!” Martin stated.

With Martin’s appointment ICAR has now, for the first time, a full time Chief Executive. This new full-time position will lead the execution of the strategic plans which are expected to raise ICAR visibility, offer new services to our customers, improve our current services and reach the next level of service and professionalism. The ICAR Board is confident that Martin is the right person to guide and lead us through these to the next level.

Martin will assume his new responsibilities on February 3, 2015, at which time Brian Wickham will cease as Acting Secretary General. Brian will continue as the coordinator for the ICAR’s groups and the ICAR Board would like to express their sincere thanks to Brian for the excellent work he did as Acting Secretary General.

In the short time since June 2014, Brian has managed the ICAR team well and established excellent cooperation with ICAR and Service ICAR Boards. Brian was the right person to help with the transition to a more independent ICAR.

On behalf of the ICAR Board,

Hans Wilmink