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 Presentations and abstracts of ICAR Technical Meeting held in Krakow (Poland)

The ICAR Secretariat is pleased to advice that all the presentations and abstracts of the recent ICAR Technical Meeting held in Krakow (Poland) on 10-12 June are freely available for downloading on ICAR website.

As usual, French organisations and members of France Génétique Elevage have contributed to this event with particularly notable interventions:

  • Prediction of The Risk of Ketosis Using Mid Infrared Spectrometry
  • Monitoring the mammary gland health status during lactating and drying off periods using milk amyloid a measurement in bovine milk. Applications: evaluation of mastitis treatment efficiency and prediction of the dry cow antibiotic therapy necessity
  • Estimation of the prevalence of subacute ruminal acidosis in dairy herd
  • The advice organisation in dairy herds: example in a milk recording organisation from west of France
  • Siel Web
  • Autopesee, a French automatic weighing scales developed for the beef cattle performance recording
  • Increasing the value and traceability of milk samples with NFC Technology: SmartLY
  • Organization of milk recording in goats in France

 ICAR Atlas for Claw Disease

Under the co-ordination of Christa Egger-Danner, ICAR Secretariat informs that the "Atlas for Claw Health" has been published and is now freely available for downloading

This is the first example of a comprehensive publication in this field that collects the efforts of a group of almost 50 experts all over the world, that harmonized the descriptions on leg and claw disorders and selected clear and defined pictures to guide future developments towards better claw health data that can be used to improve management and breeding of dairy cattle

 Synthesis of the ICAR Guidelines on Animal Identification

With the co-ordination of Kaivo Ilves, Ken Evers and the ICAR Animal Identification Sub-Committee, ICAR Secretariat advices that the "Synthesis of ICAR Guidelines (Section 10) on Animal Identification" is now available on ICAR website

The booklet is an extract of the ICAR Guidelines to get closer to new users, technicians, policy-makers and industry that face this complex item



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