Quality Management System
Particular specifications

 010878005. Providing AI services for off-farm mating within the cattle and goat National Genetic Information Systems (S.N.I.G). Version 1.3

Specifications referred to in Article 10 of the Decree dated 28/12/2006 on the use of insemination for off-farm mating of cattle, sheep and goat breeds

These specifications describe the modalities governing off-farm mating AI procedures as part of the breed’s National Genetic Information System (SNIG).

They apply both the inseminations carried out by an insemination technician employed by a semen distribution company and to intra-herd inseminations carried out by the livestock breeder. The operations that each semen distribution company or livestock breeder must carry out prior to any insemination are outlined; descriptions are also provided for the insemination records to be transmitted via the access site for purposes of inclusion in the SNIG and for transmission procedures of this data to the SNIG. The purpose of this information transfer is to describe as exhaustively as possible the conditions under which the inseminations were carried out.

These specifications do not address record format, transmission modalities to the SNIG access site or the technical modalities governing recycling processing.

 0014201002. Recording and certification of cattle parentage (ECPB of 12.12.2014). Version 1.0

The Ministry of Agriculture issued December 12, 2013 a new decree on the recording and certification of cattle parentage.

Pursuant to that order, FGE has proposed to the Ministry these technical specifications for the implementation procedures. The validation and publication of these specifications in the Official Gazette make mandatory this specifications.

 010878022. Specifications for users of the national genetic information systems for the various ruminant sectors (SNIG). Version 1.0

Annexe to the decree dated 12 September 2007 on national genetic information systems for cattle, sheep, goat and pig breeds.

 Specifications for managing insemination technician registration numbers. Version 5.18

Articles 2,4 and 7 of the decree dated 28 December 2006 on insemination practices within off-farm mating schemes for cattle, sheep and goat breeds specify that semen distribution companies must register all their CAFTI-certified insemination technicians with the Institut de l’Elevage. This list must be updated on a regular basis and transmitted to the Institut de l’Elevage.

An agreement has been reached between the assessment centre, the Institut de l’Elevage and representatives of the profession to manage the modalities governing attribution of insemination technician registration numbers by the Institut de l’Elevage. The procedures arising from this agreement are included in the QMS specifications.