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Tous les ans en septembre à Rennes
Tous les ans en septembre à Rennes - Crédit : SPACE

 A professional trade fair for the entire livestock industry

Set deep in one of the biggest livestock farming regions in all Europe, SPACE is the international livestock trade fair that offers a comprehensive programme catering for every subsector of animal farming industry: dairy and beef cattle, plus sheep, pigs, poultry and rabbits.

First launched back in 1987, SPACE is an annual 4-day event held every September that pulls in 1,300 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors (including 10,000 international visitors from 110 countries) at the Rennes Exhibition Centre venue (100,000 m² of exhibition floorspace, 11 sector-specialized halls plus an open-air equipment demo area).

Over 25 annual editions, SPACE has become a must-attend event in the livestock industry calendar ― reflecting the performances and achievements of a dynamic and forward-thinking French livestock industry. SPACE is now the second-biggest livestock trade fair in the world.

 Showcasing the French livestock offer and its skilled expertise

With a huge number of exhibitors delivering a dense programme of livestock farming innovation competitions (more than 50 Innov’space nominees), a host of technical-focus conferences, a dedicated "R&D" forum and animal show, SPACE offers an outstanding opportunity showcasing the people and products that make up the French livestock offer and its skilled expertise.

This offer spans every link in the livestock farming chain: from genetics, diet and nutrition to farm buildings and agricultural equipment, agricultural machinery and animal handling facilities, agro-energy solutions, milking equipment, veterinary health, technical support services, and more.

SPACE is also the year’s leading forum for the best in French genetic material. Over the course of the 4-day event, 700 specimens of 12 different cattle breeds go on show in the main ring, together with 200 specimens of 10 breeds of sheep and goat. The quality on offer has made the SPACE animal shows and livestock auctions a major benchmark in today’s international arena.

Every year, SPACE continues to post outstanding satisfaction levels: 95% of exhibitors and 99% of visitors declared that SPACE was a top-quality trade fair (Adquation satisfaction surveys)

 VIP reception services for international visitors

SPACE provides VIP reception services for its international visitors: free entry, a dozen specially-scheduled tours (farm businesses, research stations and agro-industrial units), custom-booked face-to-face meetings with exhibitors, and more. An Interventional Visitors Business Club offers a dedicated space for getting specific information, meeting with international partners, checking email, or simply just taking a breather...

Also on hand is a network of SPACE-sponsored partner travel agents and representatives in almost 50 countries to help organize their visit.


Key figures

  • 4-day exhibition
  • 10 hectares of exhibition space
  • 700 specimens of 12 cattle breeds
  • 200 specimens of 10 sheep and goat breeds
  • 110,000 professional visitors
  • 10,000 international visitors from 110 countries
  • 1,300 exhibitors
  • 380 international exhibitors
  • 50 technical-focus conferences
  • 300 journalists, including 60 from abroad
  • Over 50 technological innovations shortlisted by Innov’Space