Sommet de l’Elevage 2015, Europe’s No 1 livestock show

Tous les ans en octobre à Clermont Ferrand
Tous les ans en octobre à Clermont Ferrand - Crédit : Sommet de l’Elevage

 A professional trade show specializing in herbivore livestock farming

Located in the heart of the Massif Central, in the largest beef cattle region in Europe, the SOMMET DE L’ELEVAGE is one of the biggest animal production trade shows in the world.

The show specializes in herbivore farming (beef and dairy cattle, sheep and horses), and has become a must-attend event in the livestock industry calendar, especially for actors in the beef production chain.

The 3-day SOMMET DE L’ELEVAGE event, held in Clermont-Ferrand in the first week of October every year, host to over 2,000 specimens of top-class genetic value from over 60 breeds (1,300 cattle from 22 breeds, 400 sheep from 26 breeds, 300 horses from 16 breeds).

 FGE international gala evening « France, Livestock Country » Wednesday 07 October

The international gala evening « France, Livestock Country », organized by France Génétique Elevage (FGE) for the international visitors will take place on Wednesday 07 October.

Each year, the “Sommet de l’Elevage” is the place to be for discovering French Livestock breeds. Once again, for this 2015 edition of the show, FGE will host the international gala evening « France, Livestock Country”, to greet the international visitors. From 18:30 in the ring of Hall 3, the event is organized in collaboration with INTERBEV and with the financial support of FranceAgriMer.

Through the successive interventions of several speakers from various French Livestock organizations, key messages, technical information and data will be exposed to the visitors and illustrated by a show of over 40 breeds (bovine, ovine, horses) :

  • the offer of a leading country
  • a wide range of breeds that meet the diversity of farming contexts and market demands
  • highly performing breeding animals resulting from a rigorous selection process
  • products at the cutting edge of progress and technological innovation.

In addition to the breed’s presentation by selection organizations, the French breeding companies will also present the progeny of several AI bulls: pollard heifers, offsprings from sexed semen, and yearlings from terminal cross breeding with hardy breeds.

To conclude the event, a cocktail – in the ring and on straw bales tables - will be offered to all participants. An excellent opportunity for all international delegations to exchange with FGE members in a friendly atmosphere.

 A must-attend forum for information and business dialog

Its Europe-wide reach, 1,250 exhibitors and 175,000 m² of exhibition space make the SOMMET DE L’ELEVAGE a heavyweight business forum. The event provides a comprehensive offer for every subsector in the livestock industry: genetics, animal feed, health and hygiene, livestock handling and milking equipment, buildings and farm facilities, agricultural machinery, and more.

The programme also schedules numerous technical conferences and events every year, which means the SOMMET is also a must-attend forum for news and views on the latest issues in the livestock business: technological innovations, livestock management techniques and systems, trends in the farming markets, and more.

 New in 2015: 4 pre-tours are held the day before the show opens

Reserved for international visitors, over 35 tours are offered during the 3 days of the show. New in 2015: 4 pre-tours are held the day before the show opens on Tuesday 6 October, to discover 4 different livestock industries.

  • Beef tour: visit of a Limousin breeding and fattening farm, a slaughterhouse and a cattle allotment and export center (departure from Lyon)
  • Dairy tour: visit of an Abondance dairy breed farm, a cheese factory and an agricultural training center (departure from Lyon)
  • Sheep tour: visit of a Blanche du Massif Central hardy breed farm, a ram testing station and a sheep cooperative (departure from Clermont-Ferrand)
  • Limousin breed tour : visit of the bull qualification station of Lanaud and visit of Limousin farms (departure from Limoges)

Find the full programme of all tours and register on the SOMMET DE l’ELEVAGE website.

 VIP reception services for international visitors

Since the first edition back in 1992, the success of the SOMMET DE L’ELEVAGE has continued to grow, with recent editions counting 75,000-plus professional visitors. On top of free entry, the SOMMET’s 2,500 international visitors, from 60 countries in all four corners of the globe, also get to benefit from VIP reception services:

  • an International Business Club run by ADEPTA, offering a friendly reception and services space dedicated exclusively to the international visitor community.
  • over 20 tours to farms and agribusiness centres catering specifically for international visitors, with French specialists and interpreters on hand to facilitate guidance and dialogue over all 3 days
  • services for organizing business meetings with exhibitors, guided tours of the show...

Key figures

  • 3-day exhibition
  • 15 hectares of exhibition space
  • 2,000 specimens of top-class genetic value
  • 1,300 specimens of 22 breeds of cattle
  • 400 specimens of 26 breeds of sheep
  • 300 specimens of 16 breeds of horse
  • 1,250 exhibitors
  • 75,000 professional visitors
  • 2,500 international visitors
  • 4 pre-tours held the day before the show opens
  • 30 tours out to livestock farms and agribusiness technical centres
  • 25 technical-focus conferences