Effective safety system and risk anticipation

Pristine animal health

The fact that the export market for French genetic material extends the world over provides undeniable recognition of the guarantees assured by the national animal health control system. Today’s results bear the fruit of tight-knit collaboration between government-sponsored animal health agencies, breeder organizations, and private-sector veterinarians. In France, ensuring pristine health for the national herd-stock is a shared concern.

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Tighter controls for sperm doses and embryos

There are strengthened process-specific veterinary health measures governing the entire semen dose and embryo production process, from on-farm selection of future sires and donor stock through to semen freezing and the conservation of genetic material. Armed with these competitive advantages, French genetics is able to meet the most exacting veterinary health specifications of global customers.

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The Genetic Disease National Observatory

Mass artificial insemination using certain elite-pedigree stud material has provided a platform for substantial genetic improvements ― but it can also act as a vector that quickly spreads genetic defects. A genetic disease observatory designed to keep this risk under control has been up and running for close to a decade now. The efficiency of this measure has been boosted by progress in genotyping.

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