A step-by-step selection process

A nationally-coordinated group-led organization setup

The French genetic improvement system for ruminants has been built around a nationally-coordinated group-led organization setup with tools and technical services pooled and networked between regions, across species, and between breeds. The scheme enables any scheme-member livestock breeder, whatever breed they are working with and wherever their flock is raised, to benefit from technological progress, cross-industry services, and standardized protocols.

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The selection objectives

Livestock specimens are selected to optimally meet the needs of each link in the sector supply chain. In France, the selection objectives for each breed are only defined and revised once consensus has been reached between the representatives of the various sector supply chain, from breeder to distributor.

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In addition to data used in conventional evaluations (pedigree and performances), genomic selection exploits the added value of information garnered through DNA analysis via DNA mapping-based genotyping. As far as genetic improvement is concerned, genomic selection is the greatest technological breakthrough in over 40 years.

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