Integrating emerging technologies

The genomic selection

In addition to data used in conventional evaluations (pedigree and performances), genomic selection exploits the added value of information garnered through DNA analysis via new DNA mapping-based genotyping technologies. Genomic selection has been the biggest technology-driven breakthrough to happen in genetic improvement over the last 40 years.

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Reproductive biotechnology

Biotechnological advancements have made it possible to sex semen and embryo transfer technology opens up new perspectives for livestock breeders. Such techniques ensure quality-guaranteed herd replacement and make it possible for livestock breeders to rapidly produce high-quality herds or develop new genetic lines for their farms.

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Key figures

  • 8 million animal inseminations
  • 2.5 million semen doses to the export market
  • 15 years of scientific genomics research
  • 10 years of genomic application in selection programmes
  • 750 000 animals already genotyped for selection purposes
  • 3 breeds benefitting from genomic evaluations
  • 15 breeds soon able to benefit from genomic evaluations
  • 1 major gene selected for at large-scale in the sheep species
  • 2 large-scale programmes targeting product quality
  • 1 "Sexing technologies" platform in France
  • A 90 %-guaranteed pro-heifer sexed semen offer
  • 29 100 embryo transfers in 2010