France as precursor

Identification and traceability

Pioneered back in 1969 and generalized from 1978 onwards, the national animal ID scheme, evolving into the national traceability system, has progressively integrated every technological innovation that has broken through. This outstanding system extends on the reliability of national-scale animal health control schemes and genetics information systems to enable full farm-to-fork product traceability.

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Official symbols of product quality and origin

French farmers and food production sectors share a long history of nurturing a product offer with specific quality specifications. France’s unparalleled experience with official recognition of outstanding product quality schemes, from product designation protection to consumer-focused product quality guarantees, has essentially provided the template adhered to by European regulations.

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Key figures

  • 1925: first Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée [AOC; controlled designation of origin]
  • 63 dairy products with official symbols of quality in 2010
  • 75 meat products with official symbols of quality in 2010
  • 1969: individual cattle identification is introduced
  • 1978: individual cattle identification is generalized
  • 1998: full farm-to-fork traceability on all cattle-derived products
  • 2009: electronic cattle ID tagging on an opt-in basis
  • 2010: generalization of electronic ID tagging for sheep and goats