IIIrd Biennial Congress of FGE

IIIème Congrès Biennal de FGE
IIIème Congrès Biennal de FGE - Crédit : FGE

January 16, 2013, the 3rd Congress of France Génétique Elevage brought together over 200 participants, with the theme "At the crossroads of digital technology and biotechnology, the animal genetics: a lever for European competitiveness."

Animal genetics faces an unprecedented upheaval as a result of two phenomena: the explosion production data availability from farms, experimental stations and laboratories, and an extremely rapid progress of science and tools to understand and influence the functioning of the genome.

These changes, as major levers of competitiveness supporting both farmers and the industry have been illustrated by six interventions and discussed at two roundtables, bringing together experts and representatives, national and international, of animal genetics and information systems.

All interventions is available for download.


  • « L’agenda numérique européen : objectifs stratégiques de la Commission Européenne » Pascal POITEVIN, Idele - Information Systems and Data Processing
  • « Les données, nouveau moteur de l’économie » Stéphane GRUMBACH, Research Director at INRIA
  • « L’usage des Big Data en santé humaine : peut‐on valoriser des données sensibles ? » Dr. Patrick Guerin, CEO of Celtiph@rm
  • Roundtable: « Les organisations d’élevage et la révolution numérique » moderated by Joel MERCERON (Director General of the Institut de l’Elevage) with Michel Pivard (President OF FIEA), Jean-Marc ALIBERT (President of HB Limousin) and Pascal POITEVIN (SSI FGE Commission Secretary)


  • « Pourquoi des concurrents sont-ils devenus partenaires dans le consortium EuroGenomics ? » Egbert FEDDERSEN, Director of Deutscher Holstein Verband e.V. - Steering Committee of Eurogenomics
  • « Un projet européen de R & D pour le Conseil en Elevage : OPTIMIR » Philippe CAUSSANEL, Alsace Conseil Elevage, Project Manager of Optimir France
  • « AGENAE 3 : l’expérience exemplaire du partenariat public/privé pour la génomique animale » Huygues Christian (INRA), President of GIS AGENAE
  • Roundtable: « Pourquoi les partenariats européens sont ils indispensables pour l’innovation en élevage ? » led by Thomas KRYCHOWSKI (Advisor to the President of the Polish Federation of Cattle Breeders) with Iman BOOT (Head of Environment Unit of DG AGRI), Lars-Inge GUNNARSSON (Dairy Farmer and Chairman of Viking Genetics), Brian WICKHAM (Ex-Director of the Irish Cattle Breeders Federation) and Jean-Luc CHAUVEL, (President of the FGE Section of Sheep Breeds) and Vincent RETIF (President of the Holstein section UNCEIA)
  • Summary of discussions by Michel CETRE, President of FGE
  • Closing by Mr. Julien Turenne, Deputy Director of Products and Markets at the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.


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