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The Cattle Genetics and Genomics Team in UMT 3 has been rewarded

Photo credit : FCEL

The 2016 Science with an Impact Award was given in recognition of the work of the Cattle Genetics and Genomics Team in UMT 3G that brings together INRA, ALLICE and IDELE, and the Joint Research Unit for Animal Genetics and Integrative Biology at INRA Jouy-en-Josas
- INRA : Didier Boichard, Anne Barbat, Mekki Boussaha, Pascal Croiseau, Vincent Ducrocq, Cécile Grohs, Rachel Lefebvre, Florence Phocas, Marie-Pierre Sanchez, Thierry Tribout, Eric Venot, Aurélie Vinet (GABI), Christine Bertrand, Alexis Demeure (CTIG), Marie-Yvonne Boscher (GIE LABOGENA)
- ALLICE : Sébastien Fritz, Marine Barbat, Aurélia Baur, Aurélien Capitan, Chris Hozé, David Jonas, Romain Saintilan
- IDELE : Sophie Mattalia, Iola Croué, Amandine Launay, Julie Promp, Armelle Govignon-Gion



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