Objectives and organization
France Informatique Elevage et Agriculture (FIEA)

 Providing access to the national livestock data network

To select reproductive animals, and to propose some services to cattle farmers (Traceability, health monitoring, advices getting, …), data collected from many farms have to be gathered. Collective information systems have this function. They are supported by a national data exchange and consolidation network: the FIEA network.

More, farmers that are equipped with their own information systems, use some data and share these same data with collective information systems. FIEA network lets the two kinds of information systems exchange and synchronize these data.

 The network organization

The FIEA network includes a set of regional data processing platforms (ARSOE), that host common software, data bases with homogeneous structure and composition, and that exchange with national platforms (INRA, Agriculture Ministry, agro-food national organizations).

It consolidates data transmitted through many channels, by electronic way (WEB or EDI) or by paper, and by agents delegated by cattle bodies, and by farmers themselves. It provides data to authorized actors, respecting the rights above these data.

 Providing electronic services to cattle farmers and organizations

FIEA network employs 300 cattle business expert people, located in 9 teams (one by ARSOE center). These teams provide to cattle bodies, software and services development, for their internal purposes or for farmers needs, specifications being made by contracting authorities.

Data processing platforms host many on line services, permanently available for cattle farmers: mandatory declaration transactions, data transfer services for genetic information systems, on farm data collecting tools, ….

Data use is under the responsibility either of the farmer that may decide to put them at disposal of specified third parties, either of a body or a company, or of a public service (EDE Cattle local agency).

Their access is secured and controlled by their owners. Services are getted through many channels : WEB, Data exchanges with fixed and mobile devices (PDA and smartphones, ..), on farm cattle automats linked computers.

 The French federation of service operators (ARSOE)

FIEA deals with organizing the network, in collaboration with national partners: cattle bodies federation, FGE French Organization for cattle genetics, and Livestock Institute. Data processing centers ARSOE are managed by local (departmental or regional) cattle farmers’ organizations. They are generally structured at a wide region extent.

The main partners of FIEA network :

  • France Conseil Elevage and Bovins Croissance network (milk and meat cattle farming advising and performance recording network)
  • Agricultural Chambers and Cattle agency (EDE) network
  • UNCEIA : inseminating coops and selection companies
  • GDS France Network (health local agencies)


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