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Une démarché de progrès renforcée
Une démarché de progrès renforcée - Crédit : France Génétique Elevage

 A continual progress approach galvanized even further

The French genetic improvement system for cattle, sheep and goat breeds is a nation-wide group-coordinated process chain, where each link implemented is a separate, legally independent technical agency: identification, selection objectives, compiling herdbooks and breed registries, pedigree and parentage certification, animal performance recordings, selecting stud animals, genetic assessment of stud animals, semen production and animal insemination services…

In order to further consolidate the continuous improvement approach that has taken French genetics to its current leadership position in the international arena, France Génétique Elevage has engaged its entire system framework and the allied organizations in an overarching Quality Management System (QMS).

 A very-large-scale system enrolling every technical organization and every breed

The Quality Management System covering the French genetic improvement system has been designed to standard ISO 9001: 2008 (listening to customer voice, process-driven approach, continuous improvement cycles…), which itself is built around a tried-and-tested, internationally-recognized methodology. It is able to consolidate and optimize the legacy management measures (rules and procedures, protocols, specifications, control and surveillance procedures…).

Coordinated by France Génétique Elevage and implemented across the country by the Institut de l’Elevage, this QMS has progressively encompassed:

  • all the technical organizations involved in the cattle, sheep and goat genetic improvement programmes
  • every breed within every species concerned (dairy cattle, beef cattle, etc.)
  • all the key processes that help shape the reliability of system results and outcomes (in-field data recording, information systems administration, surveillance checks on service-provider labs, completing genetic evaluations, etc.…).

In order to tighten the grip over process control and all the activities that converge to deliver genetic improvement in over 50 breeds of ruminant, this QMS system is pillared on

  • defining strategy orientations and operational progress objectives, which are set out in a Quality Policy Statement that gets revised at 3-year intervals;
  • implementing a document control system featuring a Quality manual, documented process flow sheets, business procedures, and operating procedures (activities, data records required and the recording media used), plus conformity indicators, etc.
  • an accountabilities pledge from each technical organization, scoped to cover the effective application of the processes they are involved in, and which is regularly audited on external control for accreditation by FGE

 Quality assurances given international recognition by the ICAR

Following phased-in deployment since 2008, this QMS is now officially recognized at international level.

In 2010, France Génétique Elevage was awarded the ICAR (International Committee for Animal Recording) Certificate of Quality for all of its activities falling within the scope of genetic improvement for dairy and beef cattle.

Renewal period of 3 years has led to FGE be audited in 2013 by two international experts. Following this audit, ICAR has renewed its confidence in the French genetics system, renewing the ICAR Quality Certificate awarded to FGE.

Yet further proof of the reliability of French genetics system procedures, which converge to guarantee full objectivity on its genetic evaluations and on the quality of its products.



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