FGE hosts the 2011 ICAR international conference

The International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) was founded in 1951. This global organization, federating 80 members from 48 member countries across 5 continents, has a mission to standardize the technologies and methodologies used for identification, traceability, performance data recording and genetic evaluations for domesticated livestock (cattle, sheep, goat and buffalo).

From 22 to 24 June 2011, France Génétique Elevage was proud host of the ICAR’s Annual General Meeting and the “New technologies and new challenges for livestock breeding” workshop, in Bourg-en-Bresse.

The event drew in close to 300 experts from 38 different countries, providing an opportunity for top-notch dialog and technical feedback on all the hot issues in ruminant genetics:

  • New technologies in on-farm performance data recording
  • Phenotyping complex genetic traits (health, reproduction, welfare…)
  • Beyond selection to the potential impacts of genomics on livestock breeding
  • New milk analysis techniques and their value chains
  • New trends in livestock consultancy: how to monetize performance data recording?

The dense technical day-session conferences and discussions were complemented by a less-intensive series of 4 theme-focused tour circuits visiting local farm businesses to investigate how genetics and new technologies can bring added value in widely different livestock farming settings: high-productivity dairy farming in a plainland zone, cheesemaking to official-label quality standards in a mountainous upland area, and electronic identification of small ruminants,…

The 3 packed day-sessions were rounded off with the 16th national Montbéliard breed show, offering a great opportunity to learn more about this breed that combines high-potential productivity with outstanding-quality milk.

All presentations from the conference:



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